Our Purpose

The purpose of this service is to assist independent travelers or groups with basic

 needs and emergency situations without a physical travel guide.

Therefore you can have all the freedom you want during your travel in Korea but,

 at the same time, have the same amount of safety and assistance as having

 a physical guide.

We do not provide services for information regarding palaces, museums,

 historical places, etc but we can give you suggestions on delicious local restaurants,

 hot new places, etc.


 Phone service with phone rental included : 40$ Per Day

 Phone service without phone rental : 30$ Per Day

Process / Where to pickup phone

  Phone Guide Service with phone rental included

   - With airport pick-up service : Driver will give you the phone

   - Without airport pick-up service : Ludus office in Seoul (Seolleung station)

  Phone service without phone rental

   - Guide phone call

Phone Guide Service Notice

 Available call time : 9 A.M ~ 9 P.M (regarding an emergency situation 24/7)

 Example of service items : How to use public transportation to your destination

                                            Where to find a certain location, restaurant recommendations,

                                             cafe recommendations, fun activity recommendations, etc

Champs Elysees Center B동 #419, Tehran-ro 406, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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