"First we eat,

               then we do everything else"

- M.F.K.Fisher

About Ludus Seoul Food Tour


  Ludus Enterprise was created with one sole pupose: "To deliver the local experience to travelers in a fun and engaging manner." When traveling to a foreign country, it is not too difficult to look up places or to search for restaurants as the internet is filled with more than enough information. However, being travelers and once expats ourselves, we have always found it difficult to truly eat, drink and think as a local for time was always limited. Therefore, it is our goal to provide you with the local experience in a way that is entertaining,interactive, and above all, fulfilling.


How we stand out from the crowd


  We, the Ludus crew, are comprised of members who were once expats and therefore not only speak both English and Korean fluently, but we understand the needs and urges as the 'foreigner' in a new environment. We too were once visitors, travelers, and guests in other countries around the world and so we can provide you with both the "insider" and "outsider" view of Korea and the culture. The tour will not only display the true side of Korea but you will also have the opportunity to experience what and where local Koreans eat and do. Participating in our tour will be great, understanding the Korean culture will be fantastic, but getting to know you on a personal level will be an honor. We look forward to meeting you in person and assure you that we will deliver the service that we promised above. Now check out our guides below.

Meet the crew

Night Tour Guide (English / Chinese)

Adella Kim

Hi, I am Adella!

I have been to 20 countries and now operated Airbnb house for 2 years. There are a lot of purposes to visit in Korea, such a work or travel, I am glad to help foreigners settling in Korea, and was given various food by them. Each food is so interesting and good trying, I guess each food has their own story.

I can't wait to tell you about many stories about Korea food.

I am from Busan, and working as a tour guide for years in Seoul, I have a sight as a tourist like you, so let's travel in Seoul together!

Night Tour Guide (English)


Emily just simpy loves food and that's why she knows almost all of the popular destinations in Seoul. Her interest, love and personal stories of Korean cuisine will be shared with you throughout the tour and she will also include historical and cultural backgrounds as well since she is a certified tour guide. With a small compliment I'm sure she will share some of the hidden gems of this town which were unable to be covered during the tour!

Night Tour Guide (English)


Discover must-see spots and must-eat Korean food on a walking tour and hear fascinating stories behind not only the food you'll eat but also the places you'll see. Try different varieties of Korean food and enjoy a unique experience. Jeff, our friendly and knowledgeable guide, will accompany you. Join us on a culinary and cultural journey through the heart of Seoul.

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Champs Elysees Center B동 #419
Tehran-ro 406, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Tour Info & Reservations


Champs Elysees Center B동 #419, Tehran-ro 406, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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